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^5 Lupe Saenz, STCA, members, & fans
just want to share my thoughts on the origin of conjunto/Tejano music.
some people & cities claim our music began in a particular place.
I personally do NOT believe this.
conjunto, to me, began in the agriculture fields after a hard days work.
At that time, people would gather & sing to cope with being tired.
They had the accordion & bajo sexto.
Then, from this beginning, our music was taken to the small cantinitas/bars/juke joints.
Following the same basic setup, drums & electric guitar, bass & microphones were added.
Conjunto was electrified!!!
Eventually this became Tejano.
More than this, friends, conjunto & Tejano, norteño, & corridos are a "state of mind". A spirit of good will.
Nobody actually OWNS these genres.
I'm glad many cities have Tejano roots museums from different regions.
I know the RGV, San Antonio, Corpus Christi (Corpitos) Houston, Panhandle, West Texas, and other states have their own unique style of accordion playing.
They're All good. Thanx! keep on jammin'
GOD Bless and be safe on the road.
Que viva nuestra musica, cultura, y herencia.
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