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Greetings; stca friends
wanted to tell you about our Great Grandfather Roman Martinez.
Our Grandpa was from the border region of Tamaulipas. then he came to Hargill, Texas.
our Grandpa Roman was an accordión Virtuoso in the truest sense.
He had a pure clean playin' style like many of todays accordion masters.
I could name many of my friends.
Don Roman was very fast with his playing style.
I'm very glad, and was Blessed to have heard him play. Magical.
I was just a boy maybe 7-8. I liked(like)the accordion sound so much, I asked Papa Roman to play me another instrumental.
Olvidalo. He let his accordion do the talkin' to tell his artistic story.
GOD Bless Grandpa Roman Martinez and all musicians. Thanx!
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